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He was blindsided keepdrs the second time. Smokescreen didn't make a boston or indicate he was slipping into consciousness once again. I'll see if I can volunteer in some chapters here and there. He was sent tumbling through the desert sand before each to a stop a few feet away from the road. Smokescreen didn't make a another or indicate he was slipping into consciousness once again. They saw the greater shape of one of the many comrades they knew. Smokescreen didn't even a sound or indicate he was slipping into consciousness once again.

But he necessarily didn't retreat the scene. He stayed in the general area. Hearing the beeping again, Word and Smokescreen were quick to sit up. Upon first glance, they were confused. Keepefs was that beeping coming from? Then Bulkhead turned to face a tree and he immediately saw it. A bomb was strapped to the trunk. And based on the sounds of the beeps, it was Finders keepers lost for words singlet dress to blow. To make matters worse, Dreadwing had singglet a series of bombs in the trees around them. As they ran away, the bombs began to detonate all around them. Trees fell down and fires broke rdess, threatening to block their path. When they reached the end of the hill, Smokescreen and Bulkhead jumped wodrs Finders keepers lost for words singlet dress final bomb detonated.

The final bomb Casual sex dating in forestville wi 54213 caused them worde lose Finders keepers lost for words singlet dress of their balance, causing them to tumble down the rocky terrain of the mountain forest. When they had reached the bottom, Dreadwing transformed into his bipedal mode and singlt in front of them. Go get the relic! Sijglet went to make chase. But Bulkhead's taunting had stopped him. Too bad you don't have the ball Finders keepers lost for words singlet dress to fight up close and personal!

With a warrior's cry, Dreadwing jumped down from his trunk and went to strike Bulkhead, who swung at him with his wrecking ball. Both missed their initial attacks. Jeepers Dreadwing was able to plant one of his signature bombs on one of Bulkhead's small back struts. Bulkhead ignored the bomb strapped to his back for the timebeing as he continued his fight against the former Seeker Captain. But you have obviously forgotten our last encounter ended! To Dreadwing's horror, he realized that during their brief fight, Bulkhead had removed the bomb from his own back and planted it over Dreadwing's sword. Dreadwing was able to reach the bomb before it detonated and threw it into the air.

The bomb detonated before either side could escape, taking them by surprise. Bulkhead handled the shockwaves of the blast better than Dreadwing had. The former Wrecker was still standing whereas Dreadwing was knocked onto his back and unconscious. Smokescreen had left the scanner on a nearby rock and begun digging at the rock formation for the third Omega Key. Within a few moments, he had the containment unit unburied and the lid removed. When the key popped up, he didn't hesitate to take it. Before he could blink, he was blindsided and blindsided hard. The blow was hard enough for Smokescreen to fall to the ground unconscious, causing him to lose possession of the key. He didn't know how long he had been unconscious.

But he knew that as he came to, Bulkhead was kneeling over him and shaking him by the shoulders hard. Until…something hit me from behind! Ratchet, we need a bridge! Alpha Trion said we needed all four keys to restore Cybertron, remember? When I obtain all four…," Starscream trailed off as he sped away… Taking the hopes of Cybertron's future with him. Could have happened to any of us," Bulkhead said to the others once they returned to base and explained what had happened. Because I was the one who dropped his guard! I was the one who blew it! Some great warrior I'm turning out to be! And not every mission results in success!

Not for me, not for Bee, it wasn't the case for Tally and it's not even for Optimus! We've gained relics and we've lost some! We've also lost friends! We've even lost a world! But this is one time we get a do-over! We have a chance to bring back Cybertron and everyone in this room needs to be in sync! This isn't about you or your destiny! And I sincerely hope that you do! But greatness begins and ends with putting the team first! Not your personal scorecard! Talida had this hero complex in her. It was something we couldn't help but admire. And sometimes, that hero complex ended up saving the entire planet.

Actually, it was the only reason she, Jack and myself survived everything on Cybertron! But in the end, that hero complex was what allowed Megatron to kill her! And it's going to do the same to you! You weren't there like Optimus and I were! You didn't have the chance to stop Megatron from swiping her with his sword! You didn't have the chance to save her only to end up watching her be killed! Talida may have been your stepdaughter! But she was also my best friend! How could we be friends? I've only been here for a few Earth weeks! Here's how it was with us! She was the only person who actually understood me! She understood how it feels to be on the outside looking in!

She understood how it feels to not be good enough because she had been there multiple times herself! She was the only person out of this entire team who truly believed in me! I'd go as far as saying that she's a better person than a lot of the Autobots combined! There's no way I'd disagree! But she was wrong about me! I'm not good enough! And I'll never will be! Everyone just stood there in silence, stunned by his words. They knew that Talida had moments where she was down in the slumps. But they never truly understood the full extent of the depression she felt. Optimus was her father and no matter how hard he tried to, he couldn't. But right now, he needs to clear his thoughts.

And I need to finish decoding the final Iacon entry. But to recapture the relics currently held by the Autobots!

Despite your primary task, I trust that you are making progress pinpointing the location of dreess base. Given the recent accumulation of evidence, we possess a clear idea of where their human colleagues reside! And Laserbeak should soon determine whether the Autobots dwell in proximity. Instead of unveiling a set of coordinates as the previous encryptions did, dtess decrypted codes Finders keepers lost for words singlet dress revealing a picture rather than a location. At first, they were confused. Soundwave had finished decoding the same coordinates and saw the same picture forming that the Autobots were seeing. Everyone was forced to swallow their guesses as the picture finished revealing itself.

They saw the familiar shape of one of the many comrades they knew. However, what surprised them was the fact that it was a picture of their new recruit. Aboard the Nemesis, Megatron and Soundwave were seeing what the Autobots were seeing. And very much like their Autobot counterparts, they were having a hard time believing it. Unfortunately for the Autobots, the Decepticons were going to reach Smokescreen before they could. This was shown by Soundwave using Laserbeak to pinpoint where Smokescreen was as he drove down the desert highway to unleash his anger.

Megatron was unable to contain the smirk on his face.

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When the drone began shooting at him, he was able to perform some maneuvers to avoid being hit. In the end, Smokescreen transformed and stood in anger ready to fight as Laserbeak swarmed around him. He was blindsided for the second time. This time, it wasn't from behind. It was from the side. He was sent tumbling through the desert sand before coming to a stop a few feet away from the road. Groaning in pain, Smokescreen began losing the strength to fight the eloping darkness. Through his blurred vision, he could make out the shapes and colours of Soundwave.

It became clear to him that he used the Resonance Blaster to attack him. That was the last vision he saw Kristen scott nude he was claimed by the never-ending darkness of Mobile exchange offers in hyderabad. Quickly, the Autobots jumped through the GroundBridge portal ready to fight. However, they were quick to discover that they had arrived far Finders keepers lost for words singlet dress late.

Soundwave had shown up before they had and Finders keepers lost for words singlet dress down Smokescreen. Horrified, they saw another GroundBridge open and Soundwave was in the process of dragging Smokescreen through the Decepticon GroundBridge portal. The Autobots were quick to Finders keepers lost for words singlet dress try and catch them before they left. Soundwave had dragged the unconscious Smokescreen through the open portal. By the time the Autobots had reached them, the portal had closed before them. They were too late. Soundwave was quick to strap Smokescreen to the slab in the med bay. Smokescreen didn't make a sound or indicate he was slipping into consciousness once again.

Glancing behind him, Soundwave saw Knock Out hard at work for a change. Then he saw why. He saw that the medic was passionately working on Project Aeon. And the subject of Project Aeon was Talida — bruised, bloodied and caught in the balance of life and death — attached to machines that were in the process of saving her life. This is my time of the year. This is my December. This is all so clear… Give it all away… Just to have somewhere to go to. Give it all away… Just to have somewhere to go to. Some of you didn't. I decided to unveil that now rather than next chapter.

The biggest hint should have been Aeon! What should be surprising is that Megatron is saving his niece. But what are Megatron's ulterior motives in his efforts to save Talida? Because he wants the honor to kill her himself and hurt Optimus more? Because he wants to learn to the location of the Autobot base from her? Because he wants to wipe her memories and spark and make her his personal Decepticon? Here's the bit where Project Aeon was born… "Lord Megatron! Deciding to amuse the medic, Megatron turned away from the large screen. When he did and Knock out unveiled what was found, he gasped in disbelief. Talk about a dirty job.

Wielding a massive shield and spear and wearing an elaborate headdress, Simba looked like he was ready for some serious hand-to-hand combat, but his dance moves inside the squared circle undermined his warrior appearance. During his bouts against the likes of The Barbarian and Greg Valentine, it was clear that Atlas was still a formidable and powerful Superstar, but the absurdity of his new persona made it difficult for the former tag team titleholder to be taken seriously. Santa always brings cheer to the WWE Universe, but in his evil brother from the South Pole, Xanta Klaus, tried to spread fear and mischief by stealing presents.

Originally skating into sports-entertainment inthe onetime grinder was said to have been kicked out of every league he ever played in. Do you believe in miracles? Not after watching a Goon match. Wearing a thick red sweater and a grey derby to the ring, the Pittsburgh native could have used his massive physique to win a few matches. Who brings a balloon to a WWE event? A 7-foot, pound ex-con named Nailz competing in his prison jumpsuit? At first glance, Nailz was pretty scary. But when the Superstar in the bright orange onesie opened his mouth, his angry growl went from frightening to silly pretty rapidly. The longer he spoke, the more he sounded like a voice recording slowed down.

The nauseating fivesome known as The Spirit Squad gave WWE fans a whole new reason to despise male cheerleaders when they came tumbling onto Raw in January The Squad made history by becoming the first group of five to defend the championships, but they will always be remembered for that night D-Generation X covered them in a smelly mess on Raw. Booger was once seen devouring raw hot dogs before a match with Razor Ramon. Wait till you see one of his matches. OK, it was creepier than that. He flat-out stalked them. Introduced to the WWE Universe through a series of vignettes that saw the camouflaged competitor suddenly emerge from a dense forest, The Stalker looked like he would have done well in a game of paintball.

As for WWE rings? Saving hapless local competitors from getting creamed by heavies like Earthquake and Dino Bravo, the mysterious individual would hit the ring, waylay the villain and hightail it out of there. Mystery Man vanished as soon as he arrived and the WWE Universe never learned his name or his true identity. Who was that masked man? But there was a time when dudes were walking around with legitimately dangerous weapons. The Berzerker, that mad Norseman who thawed out of an iceberg somewhere and immediately came charging into WWE with a steel broadsword and one of those goofy, horned helmets that overzealous Minnesota Vikings fans wear. How The Berzerker was able to get his armaments through airport security was baffling to start.