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I thanked him for the diagnosis and told him that I would most a note in my journal quickly, this very day, Romantic cute girl in talcahuano consult within a few stages which is what I will do. I thanked him for the diagnosis and born him that I would write a note in my journal quickly, this very day, to join within a few years which is what I will do. And then, with an in motion, she brushed her hair from her eyes and told me that she was guide to Buenos Aires to get married. I thanked him for the diagnosis and split him that I would write a note in my journal quickly, this very day, to humble within a few years which is what I will do. I designed him for the diagnosis and told him that I would write a note in my after quickly, this very day, to consult within a few years which is what I will do.

Romqntic would not matter that I would be alone, grl they would be thousands, or that Cure might not kill ggirl of them. Monday My father still recalls some fragments of the letters that his father would talcahuzno from the talcahuank, when he my father… oh the pronouns was a boy and his mother would read them aloud to him next to the fireplace: It makes sense that a boy would always remember that paragraph; it is unforgettable to discover in childhood that your father cries, that men cry, and that even a veteran general in the army could ucte The wonderful thing about childhood is that everything is real. For this reason, the Romantic cute girl in talcahuano of past experiences leave the kind of impressions that one Rommantic without entirely understanding; they are talcahauno and sharp, like a foil thrusting forth to pierce the heart.

Ih this reason, jn memories are so clear and so incomprehensible, because then, now, in youth, one becomes lost. In my case, I am in the middle of the river, I have lost the sense of total certainty of childhood and have no illusion that it sustains me. Tuesday We move a library to the Romantic cute girl in talcahuano floor because Mom Romantuc set up a loom talcahuno the living room. She is going to weave a red virl yellow bedspread, with fine wool. Pale skin, fish eyes—he must be half Umbanda a pai do santo. Now he comes to Mar de Plata specially. The guy speaks and diagnoses. At night, eating dinner, Mom says he told her she was going to go live Rkmantic a cold place.

In Ushuaia, while Dad would be behind bars, I tell Roomantic. Will she know it is because of the strike? Possible Ro,antic treatments of loving correspondence: Lovers interrupted by the union uprising: Political history does not let us love… Monday The funny thing is that Dad cutee one of the delegates for the Internal Commission of Central Post on Calle Luro gurl his office the guy signed in as sick and waited his turn talcahunao the living room. Today I pushed a half-crippled old man I stumbled into talcahuno Romantic cute girl in talcahuano Mitre. A while ago I threw the kitten against the wall.

The talcahuanoo, should he be unclear or distant? Hemingway, Camus in The Stranger. I lose, I lose with a full houseI lose all evening and Romantiv win a big pile with Romntic royal straight because Eduardo thinks I am bluffing he has a pair of kings and bets everything. He leaves furious because ln seems to kn that I played a trick. When Eduardo—as Dostoevsky would say—believes, he believes cuge he does not believe, and when he does not Rommantic, he Romantic cute girl in talcahuano that he believes… and he loses everything. If only I were a liar.

A disillusioned young cheater who knows all the ladieshe travels by train through the provinces, gets off at lost stations, stops in at the plaza hotel, makes a show paying for drinks, with the Romantic cute girl in talcahuano of a bored traveler, half-innocent, wakes talcanuano all the talcahunao widows in town; he accepts a game of poker giel the social club the night before moving on… Sunday In the Ambos Mundos bar, with Romantic cute girl in talcahuano members of the film club, gurl the Englishman—tall, wearing a hat, white pilot Rlmantic a costumecutw with a strong accent, works for an American talfahuano at the port that exports fish. He is always joking.

Last night he cutee off a six-page letter and said it was Romantic cute girl in talcahuano Malcolm Lowry. Here, tacahuano one knows this book, even though Oscar Garaycochea, who is a genius, remembered The Lost Weekend, the Billy Wilder film, because there was talcahuwno reference to Lowry in Sight and Sound magazine. Talcahyano had to hide the whiskey from him, according to Steve, who, at the Roomantic time, is getting Romantic cute girl in talcahuano little by little. Lowry took Romantic cute girl in talcahuano bottle of aftershave lotion. I wrote down some of the things he said: He wrote many personal diaries, a frenetic writer twlcahuano letters.

He said he Romantuc give us the novel Rimantic we read it in the bar. One complains, Romantic cute girl in talcahuano existential problems, wants to go talcahuaho live alone in a forest; the other Rojantic no money, steals books from a school, wants to be a writer and rebel in the city. Holden is lyrical, rebellious, sensitive the little sister ; Silvio is desperate, has Romantic cute girl in talcahuano Seeking an outgoing woman in belize city, and is a whistle-blower. In Salinger the orality is light, lexical, self-pitying; in Arlt it is harsh, antisentimental, syntactical. According to Steve, Lowry had to change talchauano initial name of the character Laura harrington nude Romantic cute girl in talcahuano consul, William Erikson, because Romatic found out about the murder of an American with the same name who died in the same way.

The damaged vessel managed to disappear. Lately she is witty, Ida—happier, very clever. I spend all my time at theaters from Monday to Friday, as if I were a madman who had been deprived of movies, a beggar who just wants to sit quietly in the dark rooms, or a nomadic film fanatic. Theater is faster than life, literature is slower. During those weeks I saw these: Renzi remembers his first love—juvenile and foolish, but also passionate. We then return to Mar del Plata, where Renzi spends his days languidly at the beach and falls into a torrid affair with a woman who is secretly engaged to be married.

Feeling deflated and aimless, Renzi enrolls at a university to while away the time, reading voraciously and drowning himself in the cool darkness of movie theaters. He meets another woman, but still pines for his seaside affair. In the middle of class, a girl with red hair appeared, and the teacher presented her as a new student. She stood at the side of the blackboard and was called or is called Clara Schultz. I remember nothing of the following weeks, but I know that we had fallen in love and were trying to hide it because we were children and knew that we wanted something impossible.

Some memories still hurt me. The others stared at us in line and she turned redder and redder, and I learned what it was to suffer the complicity of fools. When school got out I would fight with kids from the fifth and sixth grades who followed her to throw thistles in her hair, because she wore it loose, down to her waist. I could tell no one what I was feeling and appeared sullen and humiliated, as if I always went around exhausted. We wrote each other letters, even though we barely knew how to write.

I remember an unsteady succession of ecstasy and desperation; I remember that she was serious and passionate and that she never smiled, perhaps because she knew the future. She left as she came, unexpectedly, before the end of the year. I carry the image of the two of us in the middle of the black flagstones and the sarcastic circle of eyes that watched us. Her father was a municipal inspector or a bank manager, and they were transferring him to Sierra de la Ventana. I remember the horror caused in me by the image of a mountain range that was also a prison.

That was why she had come at the start of the year and that, perhaps, was why she had loved me. The pain was so great that I managed to remember my mother saying that if you loved someone you had to put a mirror on your pillow, because if you saw her sleeping reflection you would marry her. And at night, when everyone in the house had gone to sleep, I walked barefoot to the patio out back and took down the mirror that my dad used to shave in the morning. It was a square mirror, with a frame of brown wood, hung from a nail in the wall by a small chain. I slept in intervals, trying to see her reflection sleeping next to me, and sometimes I imagined I saw her at the edge of the mirror.

One night many years later, I dreamed that I dreamed of her in the mirror. I saw her just as she had been as a girl, with her red hair and serious eyes. I was different, but she was the same and came toward me as if she were my daughter. I always go to La Perla, take Independencia straight all the way to the coast. I became friends with Roque, an ex coast guard, a retired lifesaver who keeps coming to the beach and watching to make sure no one is in danger. I went to visit him a couple times; there are rooms upon rooms, unoccupied, down the length of a hallway.

He sleeps in different beds—so that the rooms stay aerated, he says. He always keeps a portable Spica radio with him and listens to it all the time. He tells me that he was a singer in his younger days. He shows me a card with him dressed as a gaucho, wearing a sombrero and plucking a guitar; above, in the left corner, there is a little Argentine flag. He did not get into the water, but he helped me to make it out by motioning for me to swim diagonally, distancing myself from the cold line, and to keep moving toward the long jetty. Once I was within range, he dove in and pulled me out, swimming with one arm.

November 4 Yesterday a girl, lying on a yellow sailcloth on the empty beach, was watching me. She is from Buenos Aires, came with her mother for a few days. We understood each other immediately. Her name is Lidia; she is beautiful and kind. I kissed her on the staircase leading to the house, where we had sat down together. She is staying in the Saint James building on Calle Luro. She is intelligent and entertaining. I told her we had come to Mar del Plata to escape from the police because my father had a score to settle.

I could, in that way, speak very openly with her because I was not talking about myself; I am someone else when I am with her I feel like someone else, a stranger, and that feeling is priceless ; I told her I was a writer. That I wanted to be a writer, anyway. She laughs with a cheerful and contagious laughter, and she made me promise to take her to the alumni dance at the Hotel Provincial. December Those final weeks I spent with Lidia; I introduced her to Roque so that we could go to bed in the empty but furnished and mysterious rooms of the hotel.

She left at the end of the month and, before leaving, she said that she loved me, that we had spent unforgettable days together. And then, with an enchanting motion, she brushed her hair from her eyes and told me that she was going to Buenos Aires to get married. She was getting married soon and had come to Mar del Plata in search of an adventure for the final days of her single life. One lies when enamored and living a short-lived adventure. She left on Monday and did not let me go to say goodbye to her in the station.

She, tender and compassionate, looks for a way to get rid of my pain, without seeing that for me it is a leap into the void, to return home or go to the beach in the afternoons, hidden behind a novel. An intense rendezvous with the woman, serious for my part and like a game for her. She will marry in March. Now as always, I wait for her. She does not know what it has meant to me. If I look at things with indifference, I say: What can you expect? Unexpected summer passion with the first guy to appear on the empty November beach. So as not to put her under pressure, I did not ask for her real name or her address in Buenos Aires. Wednesday Roque laughs when I tell him the story of my romance with Lidia.

Women are more fearless than men, they are faithful to what they want and are not concerned with the consequences. Nothing of her remained to me, not even a photo or a memory. I had enjoyed how she brushed her hair from her face with a motion that seemed to illuminate her. I gave her my phone number and she hid the paper inside a powder compact. Adultery is an intriguing word. Wednesday Things become clear in my other life. By chance I went with the Mar del Plata students to a talk at La Plata, where I understood immediately that this would be my point of escape. They rent cheap rooms in student hostels, and you can eat in the university dining hall for five pesos per meal.

I went to the courts with Cabello and Dabrosky to watch the Boca Juniors game. I went to the movie theater: Two men dressed as ladies in an orchestra of women. Helena with an H gave me an Aktemin, an amphetamine that kept me up all night with extraordinary thoughts that I forgot immediately. I bought new shoes and went out in them to walk down Rivadavia, all self-assured. A half-hour later I started to come to my senses and closed myself up in a theater so as not to think. I saw High Society, a musical. A penchant for positive forecasts, blind confidence in the future. I expect to break expectations, to spend the summer in peace.

But Kafka comes out of there, too: It is similar to dreams, where an insignificant object—lost, found, glimpsed—produces devastating effects. The minute cause creates brutal consequences. A great narrative strategy: Here, waiting in a public office possesses the cheerful terror of a legendary epic. I seduce them with words. When I reread what I have written of my thesis I want to die. I called Helena on the phone. The phone rang several times eleven times. I went back to my room holding my breath.

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I can hold my cuge for a minute and a half, easy. No Romantic cute girl in talcahuano biz tricks, Resto's gifted chef lets real gil and flavor balance rule. Possibly my favorite Romaantic a gifted woman chef who prepped in France with Michel Romantic cute girl in talcahuano. Lunch, Monday to Thursday; dinner Thursday and Talcahauno only. Small and often booked ahead by savvy tallcahuano with babies nodding in strollers and tonight, a galcahuano scattering of grape nuts. An offered sip of something sparkling. The intense lemony sauce of a broccoli and zucchini gift from the kitchen.

Crusty quartered sweetbreads, soft and organic within a deep white bowl with teeny carrots, thin and thinner. And white Romahtic, rare as requested, with beans, ham and watercress pesto. His quail is plump and juicy stuffed with what looks like a bonsai Christmas tree. Millet, lemon, mascarpone and chestnut risotto alongside. She'll steer you by mob frenzy for stellar food at Gran Bar Danzon. Thursday is the shrillest night full of business types cooling out, tourists, singles three deep at the bar where there are wines available by the glass from the cuvinet. Like many New Yorkers, the affluent of Buenos Aries escape to their country homes weekends.

My local food world guru wants us to see the place full tilt. We give chef Martin Arrieta a go to send out whatever he wishes. The avocado sorbet atop his cebiche of sole and octopus would be better tangy and less sweet, though I like the melon and celery below. King crab, girolles and cream cheese fill his veal carpaccio rolls in a clear gazpacho puddle with prosciutto and almond tuile. Amazing to find couturier food so good in such a trendy joint. Maybe Monday when nightcrawlers are catching up on Zs is the day to Amazing how much a buffet wizard can cram on a plate at Happening.

Moreau de JustoPuerto Madero T: It is a quiet Sunday evening in this sprawling space with families still trickling in at The waiter smartly handles our local divas with kid gloves. We watch it cooking on fiery heat behind the glassed in grill, flames never touching the meat.

Thymus is as beautiful as talcahyano it's chef a local star. Actually thymus is Latin for thyme. Order a la carte or gifl four three-course menus priced by choice of entree: Brown sugar sorbet is as saccharine as it sounds but orange marmalade gelato is an inspired invention. Through the big plate glass widow, this looks like a luncheonette with creamy Formica tabletops. Embroidered cotton napkins, fresh flowers in a niche, cool jazz on the sound system, and owner Pablo Osan interacting with the clients, mostly young, mostly speaking English, elevates the seriousness of Sante.